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For project managers navigating digital display campaigns or anyone exploring HTML5 banners, our blog is your answer hub! Dive into the latest in digital advertising, HTML5 display ads, and industry standards. Click below to learn from Banner Boys' experts and elevate your banner ad game!



What Is Rich Media & How To Incorporate It In your Strategy

Hey there! We (the Banner Boys!) are no strangers to Rich Media and there use…

Types Of Amazon Ads

Looking to increase your sales on Amazon? Utilize Amazon's advertising solutions at various stages of…

What Is File Size & Why Is It Important? 

For those that are wanting to learn (or those who have not been raised by…

Mobile Banner Best Practices 

The internet is becoming much more mobile device friendly. From Google search algorithms favouring mobile…

Why HTML5 Ad Creatives Drives Better ROI

Daily living has changed and evolved thanks to the digital age that we now live…

Everything You Need To Know About HTML5 Banners

Here at BannerBoys, HTML5 display banners are our forte. We specialise uniquely in website banners…

Gifs Vs HTML5

Browsing the internet as we all do, we have come across countless Gifs and HTML5…

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