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Looking to increase your sales on Amazon? Utilize Amazon’s advertising solutions at various stages of your marketing funnel.

The shopping experience has been revolutionised by Amazon, as its advertising solutions dominate the online realm.

Google possesses your search history while Facebook is aware of your preferences, but Amazon holds more influence as it understands both your desires and how to fulfil them.

There are over 150 million users of Amazon Prime, with a majority of more than 112 million being Americans.

For any e-commerce business, using Amazon advertising is an obvious choice!

If you or your team are not fully utilising Amazon advertising services, it is worth considering implementing them.

This article will guide you through the various options for Amazon advertising that are currently available. We will also explore how these solutions can assist with different aspects of your marketing funnel and target your potential customers.

A brief glimpse at the information:


  • What are the Various Amazon Ad Types?
  • Amazon Pay-Per-Click
  • Amazon Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Amazon Sponsored Display Ads
  • Amazon Demand-Side Platform
  • Video Ads
  • Custom Ads
  • Amazon Audio Ads
  • Amazon Posts
  • Amazon Live
  • Other Advertising Options on Amazon
  • Lockscreen Ads
  • Amazon Attribution
  • Next Steps for Advertising Success
  • Optimize your campaigns for maximum efficiency
  • Create Effective Ad Copy

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The following text has been paraphrased to eliminate any plagiarism while maintaining the original context and meaning. The formatting has also been preserved.

Different Types of Amazon Ads

There are various forms of Amazon advertising available to assist you in discovering, attracting, engaging, and retaining your customers throughout the entire sales process. These options encompass both self-service solutions and managed services, both on and off Amazon.

Let us further divide them.

There are various Amazon ad types available.

1. Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Amazon CPC provides Pay-Per-Click (PPC) options to advertisers, agencies, and self-service platforms on their website. These options fall under the category of Amazon PPC ad types, and include:

  • Products with Sponsors
  • Brands with Sponsors
  • Displays with Sponsors

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Amazon Product Listing Ads / Sponsored Products on Amazon

Amazon product listing ads are sponsored function similarly to Google ads. You have the option to select the products you wish to promote and include relevant keywords or product characteristics to direct with a designated CPC (Cost-Per-Click) value. Your advertisement is qualified to appear when customers search for any of the targeted keywords or products.

What is the purpose of using Amazon Sponsored Products?

Sponsored products can be utilised for:

  • Accelerate the growth of sales for recently introduced products.
  • Attain the first position in search engine rankings for targeted keywords.
  • Attract customers from your competitors’ market.

Amazon’s sponsored products are an effective way to boost visibility on the platform.

The organic ranking of your products will receive a boost from an increase in sales. This will lead to a higher search visibility, resulting in a rise in conversions, clicks, and impressions. Such a process creates a flywheel effect, as explained in Banner Boys blog on the Amazon advertising flywheel, where your Amazon CPC sales reinforce your organic product ranking, ultimately leading to an increase in product sales.

b. Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads

It is crucial to advertise your products on Amazon, but it is also important to establish brand recognition. This is where Amazon Sponsored Brands play a significant role.

One way to display your brand’s unique identity is through Amazon Sponsored Brand ads. These ads, formerly known as Headline ads, are placed as a banner on the top, left, and bottom of the search results page.

Amazon Sponsored Brands are a popular feature on Amazon’s platform.

One option is to redirect these advertisements to either your Amazon store or a customized landing page. These advertisements consist of a title, brand logo, and can showcase up to three specific products that are linked to their respective listings.

Advantages of Sponsored Brands on Amazon

Using Amazon brand ads has the distinct benefit of granting you a high level of authority in customising the appearance of your advertisements. By incorporating video ads, you can also boost your conversions. Additionally, these ads can help establish trust and credibility with both current and potential customers, while providing a distinctive shopping experience. Furthermore, you can specifically target your competitors’ loyal customer base in search results by using their brand name.

A genetic connection to obesity has been identified by scientists, offering potential for developing a treatment for the condition.

Note: In order to utilise Amazon Sponsored Brands, it is important to have an active professional seller account through the Amazon brand registry or a vendor central account.

c. Sponsored Display Ads on Amazon

Sponsored Display is a user-friendly tool designed to reach potential customers on and off Amazon. These display ads improve the efficiency of your advertising campaigns and are highly beneficial for both sellers and vendors.

To enhance your brand’s visibility on the Amazon display network, be sure to watch this video.

The Amazon Sponsored Display feature is showcased in the following image:

This tool targets specific audiences on Amazon. Just another way in which you can leverage audience based targeting as another Amazon advertising option.

Benefits of Using Amazon Sponsored Display

  • Auto-generated campaigns are available to assist in promoting your products, with a focus on achieving the highest possible conversions.
  • Easily engage in retargeting through the use of Sponsored Display ads. Although this can also be accomplished with Amazon DSP, the process is more efficient and streamlined with Sponsored Display ads.
  • Sponsored Display campaigns provide a convenient way to access your display inventory without the stringent rules of Amazon DSP.

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For further information on amazon retargeting ads, click this link.

2. Amazon Demand-Side Platform

Amazon DSP  (demand-side platform) is a platform that enables the purchase Amazon ad formats such as video, audio, and display ads on various online channels. It provides a way to reach your target audience beyond Amazon by utilising Amazon’s advanced data intelligence, instead of directly buying an ad placement.

You have the option to buy a range of display, video, and audio (beta) advertisements in order to offer impactful experiences and services to your customers.

a. Advertising through Videos

Ads on Amazon OTT (over-the-top) and out-stream platforms provide the opportunity to reach potential customers through video content on various Amazon platforms, including their websites, mobile applications, and the wake screen on Fire tablets. These ads offer an attractive means of showcasing brands and their stories in a more engaging manner, enhancing their branding experience for customers.

What is the purpose of using Amazon video ads?

  • With the increasing reliability of featuring multi-language ads and content on Amazon, video ads are poised for success in the advertising world.
  • These ads also boast impressive conversion rates when they effectively reach the desired audience.
  • In traditional marketing, evaluating ad performance can be difficult. However, by utilizing Amazon video ads, businesses can gain valuable insights into consumer interests.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to share your brand message with customers in the places where they are most willing to consume content.

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The greatest advantage? Companies have the ability to monitor their progress and gain valuable knowledge about their customers who are making purchases.

b. Customised Advertisements

In conclusion, the Amazon customized ads offer a comprehensive advertising service on the Amazon platform. These custom ads are capable of utilizing all available ad formats on Amazon.

Companies have the opportunity to integrate this comprehensive method into their Amazon operations as a component of their complete end-to-end plan..

c. Amazon Audio Ads (Beta)

The utilization of Amazon audio ads enables brands to specifically reach out to specific audiences during times when screens are not in use. This marks Amazon’s initial step towards incorporating paid product placements into the Alexa voice-activated ecosystem.

Currently, there are no targeting options available for brands to select the music for their advertisements.

d. Amazon Posts

At present, in its beta stage, Amazon posts provide the opportunity to share your brand’s narrative with relevant shoppers who are exploring various categories on the Amazon platform. These posts can be found in the brand’s feed and can be accessed through your product pages. They are visible on iOS, Android, and mobile web versions.

Creating Amazon posts is possible for any brand at no cost. This presents a chance to produce engaging material and communicate your brand’s narrative to your followers. Currently, the option to make Amazon posts is only accessible on

e. Live on Amazon

To produce an Amazon Livestream, you have the option to utilize the Amazon Live Creator app or partner with Amazon for a live stream produced by them. This platform allows potential customers to discover your brand and see your product features in action. This tool can greatly improve your exposure during popular shopping occasions, such as Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other seasonal events.

3. Additional Advertising Solutions on Amazon

Ads on the Lockscreen

The CPC model, which is utilized by KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) authors and amazon book vendors, allows for lockscreen ads to be displayed to customers as a means of promoting ebooks. These ads are specifically targeted towards readers based on their interests and genres while they are using Fire Tablets and Kindles.

Through the utilization of Amazon Lockscreen ads, you have the ability to:

  • Customize your bids and budgets to your liking. You will only be charged when customers click on your advertisement.
  • Target potential buyers who are interested in e-books similar to yours.
  • Utilize personalized language to provide a sneak peek into your e-book and increase sales.

Utilizing Amazon Attribution to assess your success

While not a marketing tool, Amazon Attribution functions as an analytics platform that allows companies to assess important metrics across various channels. Through Amazon Attribution, one can monitor the effectiveness of paid advertisements, social media efforts, and email marketing campaigns. This feature is currently accessible to professional sellers, vendors, and agencies on the US and UK marketplaces.

Next Steps for Advertising

At various stages of your sales funnel, the aforementioned solutions have proven to be effective. Nonetheless, they do come with their own set of difficulties which can be addressed by Banner Boys.

Enhance the efficiency of your campaigns through optimization

For those who aim to enhance their campaign effectiveness, Banner Boys data-driven advertising feature offers multiple benefits. By utilizing this feature, you can discover new keyword opportunities and utilize them to your advantage. Our dashboard analyses numerous keywords, products, and campaigns to determine the most optimal ACoS, Amazon CPC, and CTR. With the advertising feature from Banner Boys, you have the ability to manage your ad spending by setting a desired ACoS for each keyword within your campaign. This allows for automation of the campaign management process based on new targets.

When optimizing the campaign, it is important to have specific objectives in mind. Whether you are looking for a self-optimized PPC solution or a managed service from an expert, Banner Boys is the top choice. Why is this the case? Because our personalized optimization solutions will streamline your Sponsored products and assist with planning your display ads.

Our platform, which is based on data, is designed to improve your advertising campaigns in order to achieve optimal outcomes. Our primary objective is to continuously enhance the process of PPC optimization by utilizing thorough analysis and valuable insights that generate the highest possible return on investment for your company.

Implement Powerful Advertising Copy

In order to capture the attention of your audience, it is important to optimize your listings to provide easily understandable information for customers. At the same time, ranking high for Amazon SEO is crucial for generating increased sales. Thus, it is essential to create a well-crafted listing that appeals to both customers and Amazon SEO.

Unsure about the process for creating an ideal listing?

Banner Boys can assist in achieving a harmonious balance between these two crucial aspects of your listings. Utilize our complimentary Listing Quality Checker to evaluate your Amazon listing or seek guidance from our team of experts in the Amazon product listing service industry to create the ideal listing for your product on Amazon.

If you are interested in learning more about how Banner Boys can assist in bridging the gap between Amazon and your goals, you have the option to contact us.

Concluding Remarks

In addition to broadening their campaign offerings, Amazon is also increasing the number of beta options accessible within those campaigns. Staying updated on these modifications may be challenging, yet it is crucial to comprehend all available choices. This is imperative in developing a strong advertising approach for Amazon.

Do you require assistance with Amazon advertising? Simply send us an email at and Banner Boys will be glad to provide support!

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